AltAir Earth is a media production company, specialising in the filming & photography of wildlife, nature, tourism & safari products. It’s core drive and passion is to deliver high-end results, which is achieved through fine-tuned and well developed production techniques, equipment, supporting infrastructure and operational proficiency. 


With many organisations currently facing incredibly hard times, world-class media can make all the difference, giving an edge over competitors with marketing and brand presentation, whether it’s media for websites, brochures or Social Media platforms.

AltAir Earth offers its services across the whole of South Africa, as well as internationally, thanks to being geographically well positioned, based in Pretoria.




Wildlife, nature and the filming of conservation projects forms a big part of AltAir Earth’s target markets. These are unscripted, uncontrolled environments, often further complicated by extremely harsh conditions on crew and equipment. 


Over the years, invaluable experience has been accrued, both in knowledge and an understanding of wildlife, how the conservation industry operates, and how typical wildlife projects are undertaken. The choice of camera equipment and supporting infrastructure is also a critical component to allow high-calibre results to be achieved, with the necessity to be operationally practical, versatile and durable in such environments.




Lately, AltAir Earth has diversified its core focus to include the filming and presentation of Safari Products & Tourism Destinations.

With social media platforms (i.e. Instagram & TikTok) significantly influencing the marketing approach of many tourism operators, there is demand for a more modern feel to how such products are presented. 

AltAir Earth is in the never-ending process of refining its services to best cater for these needs, but at the same time to be able to produce media suited perfectly for the more conventional marketing needs too (i.e. websites, brochures, profiles etc.).



Despite AltAir Earth's main focus being centred around cinematography, it also offers stills photography services. State-of-the-art equipment and software allows for the production of ultra-high resolution images, suitable for large printouts. 

Taking this even further, AltAir Earth has the capacity to produce composite images, exceeding 200 mega pixels. 




Covid-19 has significantly impacted AltAir Earth's clients, and so has forced us to diversify our services into other markets. 

Key markets include the filming of real estate, vehicles and events, but we are always very keen to take on new projects that doesn't yet fit into our current domain of experience!



Image quality is of paramount importance to AltAir Earth. This includes resolution, color depth, content, and artistic quality. Our main filming platform is the Canon EOS R5, mounted on the DJI RS2 stabilised gimbal which delivers state-of-the-art cinematography. 


Most video material is captured in 4K 10bit 4.2.2, at frame rates up to 120fps, but this platform also allows for a maximum of 8K production in stunning 12-bit RAW (though very rarely requested by clients). 


To match this high-grade footage, the DJI Inspire 2, with the Zenmuse X5S camera, is used as an aerial filming platform.

Lastly, still photography forms an essential part of AltAir Earth’s services, with the R5 delivering magnificent 45 megapixel 14-bit images. AltAir Earth has also developed the capacity to produce ultra-high resolution composite images for printing, often exceeding 200 megapixels.


High-grade imagery comes to it right in the post-production phase. AltAir Earth uses state-of-the-art software: DaVince Resolve Studio for video editing, and Adobe Creative Suite for photo editing. Furthermore, AltAir Earth has access to vast libraries of licensed music, allowing for optimised creative freedom.

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Daviid Swanepoel


Daviid Swanepoel runs AltAir Earth as a one-crew operation. Over his career, he has spent significant time in the bush, often on foot, having worked in numerous Game Reserves & National Parks, and with most of Africa’s flagship wildlife species. He’s also been fortunate to have filmed the relocation of over 100 elephants, countless rhino dehorning operations, collaring, relocation, contraception and rescue operations of many wildlife species. This extensive exposure has allowed him to develop and fine-tune his skills as a camera operator in this niche, translating to significantly higher-grade content.


  • Peace Parks Foundation

  • Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve

  • Elephants Rhinos & People (ERP)

  • The Aspinall Foundation

  • The Wildlife Emergency Fund

  • Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve

  • Apex Glamping

  • Dinokeng Game Reserve

  • Samara Private Game Reserve

  • Pumba Game Camp

  • Tamboti Bush Lodge

  • Thorn Tree Bush Camp
  • Zenzele River Lodge

  • Chris Holcroft Imagery

  • Andrew Malcolm L.L.C.

  • Contingent Productions

  • LoZiba Wilderness

  • Endangered Wildlife Trust

  • Beta Group

  • Shayamanzi Game Farm

  • Flying for Freedom South Africa

  • Kwalata

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Elephant Relocations

  • Dinokeng Bulls

  • Rescue of 4 Kruger Bulls

  • Phinda Bulls

  • Samara Family Herd

  • Atherstone Family Herd

  • Mkhuze Family Herd

  • Itala Family Herd

  • Mozambique MSR

  • Zimbabwe Cow Upliftment

  • Zimbabwe Orphans Herd

  • Buffalo Kloof Bulls

  • Somkhanda Bull

Rhino Relocations

  • Nkomazi (White Rhino)

  • Somkhanda (White Rhino)

  • Buffalo Kloof (Black Rhino)

  • Dinokeng (Black Rhino)

Rhino Dehorning Operations

  • Dinokeng (2x)

  • Rietvlei Nature Reserve (3x)

  • Weenen

  • Somkhanda

WIldlife Collaring Operations

  • Elephant

    • Dinokeng (3x operations)

    • Samara

    • LoZiba

    • Somkhanda

  • Wild Dogs (3x)

  • Cheetahs 

    • Dinokeng

    • Mount Camdeboo (2x)

  • Lion (2x)

  • Rhino (Somkhanda)

  • Spotted Hyena (Dinokeng)

Wildlife Relocations

  • Cheetahs

    • Dinokeng (Snare)

    • 3x Cheetah (Eastern Cape)

    • 2x Cheetah (Zimbabwe)

  • Giraffe (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

  • Lion (Dinokeng)

Wildlife Introductions

  • Lion (MC)

  • Cheetah (MC)

  • Spotted Hyena (Dinokeng)

Intimate Wildlife Projects

  • Wild Dogs in the Waterberg

  • Elephants at Samara PGR

  • Cheetahs at Samara PGR

  • Cheetahs at Mount Camdeboo

  • Brown Hyenas at Dinokeng

  • Elephants at Dinokeng

  • Lions at Dinokeng

  • Black Rhino at Dinokeng

  • Dinokeng’s General Wildlife

  • Samara’s General Wildlife & Landscapes


  • Seha the Rhino - Wound Treatment

  • Cheetah Snare

  • Anti Poaching Operations

  • Fire-fighting

  • Fencing

  • Snare removal